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Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” At KMH, we have assembled a team of tax professionals with experience that matches or exceeds the Hawaii offices of the large national firms to assist our clients in navigating through the tax law. Our approach focuses on providing timely and cost effective tax compliance services while proactively bringing potential tax issues and planning ideas to our client’s attention before problems arise or opportunities are lost.


Our tax team has extensive experience providing tax compliance services to a wide variety of taxpayers in various industries. In addition to their federal returns, we have prepared the state tax returns for our clients in over 35 states, including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Florida, and New York. This multi-state tax compliance experience, along with our membership in the RSM network, allows us to service our clients no matter where their business is conducted.


Our integrated approach to addressing tax issues and opportunities is one of our trademarks. Of course, this demands effective communication with client personnel and our commitment to maintain frequent contact with management. In delivering our tax services, we arrange regular periodic meetings in order to gain an understanding of current business issues and to initiate ideas and dialog. Throughout the year, we apprise our clients of relevant tax law changes and proposals that could affect their current and future activities.


Our tax professionals are widely recognized for providing quality tax advice to our clients in all areas of taxation. We have professionals with extensive experience in handling complex tax issues. We also make RSM’s national tax experts available to ensure that our clients receive top quality, leading-edge tax advice. Our talented professionals have a proven track record of providing straight answers to client questions and a flexible, creative approach tailored to individual client needs.

Our areas of experience include:

  • Cost segregation (through a strategic partner)
  • Property tax assessment appeals
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Individual income and estate tax and wealth planning
  • Like-kind exchanges
  • Partnership allocations
  • Passive loss limitations
  • Reorganizing and restructuring consultation
  • Compensation and employee benefits consultation
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Tax controversy services
  • S-corporations
  • State tax compliance
  • Closely-held tax issues

In addition, unlike national accounting firms who are limited to using their own national tax offices, we have the flexibility to engage any of the national tax offices of such firms, as well as any national law firm, to provide technical assistance when necessary. Even with access to these resources, however, all decisions are still made locally.

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