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With today’s changing business environment comes new and increasingly complex risks. Companies need trusted business advisers that can assist in managing these risks. At KMH, we help organizations and individuals appropriately manage risk, which is a key to every business’s success. To achieve this, we take the time to understand your industry, business environment, and the people that manage the business.

Appropriate staffing is critical, since it is the expertise and capabilities of the individuals involved that ultimately determine the success of the engagement. At KMH, all professional services are performed by client service team members that have the appropriate experience and operational insight. This allows us to identify major risks and opportunities over and above the performance of traditional financial reporting functions. At KMH, we are committed to delivering high quality service.

Our assurance and advisory services include:


Audits for privately held companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The financial statement audit is the cornerstone of our Assurance Services. Our reputation for independence, integrity, and credibility is transferred to your financial statements when we sign our report. You can be assured that the users of the financial statements will be receiving a high quality report that complies with the requirements of professional standards.

Benefits of a KMH audit:

  • We look beyond the accounting entries to review the underlying operations. KMH’s audit methodology is based on developing and maintaining an insightful understanding of your operations, which allows us to identify financial risks and opportunities.
  • Any potential reporting issues are addressed up-front. We achieve this by dedicating significant partner and manager involvement early in the planning stage to identify and resolve any emerging challenges. This allows for the execution of an efficient engagement that minimizes disruption of your personnel and operations.
  • Our approach emphasizes close communication with the client. We are responsive to any requests, inquiries or concerns that you may have. To ensure that communications are appropriate, communications will be conducted through senior management.


All compilations and reviews are conducted in accordance with Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services. At KMH, our understanding of your unique business and operations is of critical importance when expressing assurance that no material modifications need to be made to the financial statements.


We can assist management in providing various attest services other than financial statement attestations including but not limited to the following:

  • Historical or prospective performance or conditions (e.g., historical or prospective financial information, performance measurements and back log data)
  • Physical characteristics (e.g., narrative description, square footage of facilities)
  • Historical events (e.g., the price of market basket of goods on a certain date)
  • Systems and processes (e.g., internal control)
  • Behavior (e.g., corporate governance, compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures, and human resource practices)

We have also helped many companies respond to new rules and regulations issued by standard-setting bodies such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). We have alerted companies about the potential impact and can identify financial reporting opportunities that stem from them.


We have assisted companies by performing comprehensive due diligence services to find all facts that would be of material financial interest to an investor or acquirer of a business.

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